Alkaline skin will typically feel drier and tighter. Also, using products that used to feel fine will suddenly feel irritating. It can sting briefly when applying a product, then it feels okay.

Acidic skin will likely breakout, and look red, inflamed and irritated. You may be over exfoliating - in fact, this is EXACTLY why we don't recommend a PEEL too often. Skin can look shiny after a peel for example, and this is due to the acidity.

Anytime skin is reacting and tingling, using face balm can immediately help because a 100% lipid product has no pH and will counteract that irritation.

One of the reasons we recommend the tonik between steps that involve water is because we are using this to bring back our pH to 5.5. I like to explain that when I forget to use tonik my skin just 'doesn't glow'.

Health Canada requires home care products to be no lower than a PH of 3.5%. This is to avoid irritation and redness (think of it this way, too acicidic is going to hurt-think 'acid' and how acid can 'burn'. In a professional use product, the pH can be as low as 2.