In general, we don’t use parabens, but not necessarily because we see them as a problem. It is more because they are a controversial ingredient that many have misunderstood, and because there are many alternatives now.

If you look at science-based studies, you will see that parabens are not exactly linked to cancer as is often stated. Rather, they can cause cells to multiply, mimicking cancer cells. This is quite a distinction from the presumption that they ‘cause cancer’. It is important to note that this cell multiplication generally occurs when the parabens are used in excess of 25%.

Nonetheless, we avoid parabens in all our products. However, the reason that parabens have been used in the past as that they have a benefit other preservative systems lack - they can be used in even lower percentages for maximum results, and they are the least “sensitizing” of all preservatives. Thus, it is extremely rare to have an allergic reaction to a paraben.