skoah products blend the best of science with the best of nature. Instead of inexpensive, heavy mineral oils, we use high quality, highly refined lipids and oils such as olive oil, shea butter and coconut oils. We also use sulphate free cleansers in all of our products. Our "skoah plant blend" is made up of 11 different plant extracts to calm and soothe the skin, and to fight free radicals. We include this blend in almost all of our products. This blend includes: arnica montana flower, bearberry (arctostaphylos uva ursi leaf), oat (avena sativa kernel) echinacea purpurea, ivy (hedera helix), ginkgo biloba, mimosa tenuiflora bark, green tea (camellia oleifera leaf), calendula officinalis flower, linden (tilia cordata flower), and st. john's wort (hypericum perforatum).