skoah adheres to the stringent regulations implemented by Canadian authorities. This means that product ingredient lists must be written out using the full chemical name for each ingredient. This is called INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). So, long ingredient lists generally mean that the cosmetic company is using approved formulas and is following these guidelines. 

As a simple example, vitamin e must be written as disodium lauriminodiproprionate tocopheryl phosphates… sounds long and scary, but it’s natural and safe. Another example: propylene glycol alginate. Translation: sea kelp algae. 

We feel that properly listing ingredients is our responsibility. We also feel that companies that don’t list products this way may be omitting some of their ingredients or could be in noncompliance. All product ingredient lists must be approved by Canadian authorities to be safe and only those listed according to INCI guidelines are approved.